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  • Regional Municipality of Niagara. 1969 

    Regional Municipality of Niagara (Regional Municipality of Niagara, 1969)
    Map showing King's highway and interchange, regional roads, other roads, roads legally open but not necessarily passable, railways and stations, municipal boundaries.
  • River Niagara and Welland Canal 

    Great Britain. Hydrographic Dept.; Engraved by Davies & Company (London : The Admiralty, 1897)
    Map showing hydrographic features, place names, railroads, First, Second and Third Welland Canals.Full title: North America, Lakes Ontario and Erie, River Niagara and Welland Canal / from the latest United States Government ...
  • Road map of the County of Welland. 1928 

    Ontario. Dept. of Public Highways (Ontario. Dept. of Public Highways, 1928)
    Map showing provincial highways, county roads, county boundaries, lot and concession numbers, legend. Digital reproduction of map (25 x 25 cm.) Georeferenced and modified from Brock call # G 3463 W4 P2 1928 O58, by Map, ...
  • Rough sketch of the roads from Cayuga to Chippewa 

    Richard John Barou; F.A. Mackenzie Fraser (1838)
    Historic sketch / map showing the southern section of the Niagara Peninsula. The sketch includes towns, creeks and roads. The purpose of this map was to indicate which roads were passable during each seasons, particularly ...
  • Shore line of Lake Ontario at Port Dalhousie 

    Thomas Monro (Thorold, Ont. : Thomas Monro, 1883)
    Historic map showing the Lake Ontario shore line at Port Dalhousie. North is oriented left towards the lake. Text below the title indicates the time frame that the shore line map is representative of: “as it was in 1844” ...
  • Sketch of Drummondville Shewing in red the Houses etc. hired for the Accommodation of Troops 

    W.H. Roberts; Richard Birley (Toronto [Ont.],, 1838)
    Historic plan showing the village of Drummondville (present day Niagara Falls) with roads and buildings depicted. North is oriented to the right. Some buildings are not labelled, however one building at the southern portion ...
  • Sketch of Kingston and Frederick Point 

    Gother Mann, 1747-1830. (1789?)
    Historic map / sketch showing the city of Kingston, Frederick Point and surrounding waterways and islands. North is oriented to the top. Kingston is shown at west. Text within the Kingston land mass reads: “The coloured ...
  • Sketch of lower part of Niagara River, 1790 

    Unknown author (1790)
    Historical map showing two land masses. Oriented with north to the bottom right. Fort Niagara is shown on the American side at the lower end of the Niagara River adjacent to Lake Ontario. The opposite side is British land. ...
  • Sketch of Navy Island 

    Unknown author (1838)
    Historical map showing road and buildings on Navy Island, Grand Island and Bulkhorn Island. This manuscript map shows Navy Island in relative position to the main land, Grand Island and Buckhorn Island. Details concerning ...
  • Sketch of part of the Niagara River, shewing the portion of Ordnance Chain Reserve 

    Alexander Gordon; W. T. Renwick; Great Britain. Army. Corps of Royal Engineers. (1852)
    Historic map showing the area along the bank of the Niagara River from Niagara Falls to the Niagara Suspension Bridge at Queenston. Full title and subtitle text reads as follows: “Sketch of part of the Niagara River, shewing ...
  • Sketch of the Military Reserve at Niagara, 1835 

    Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle, 1791-1847; Thomas George William Eaststaff, 1772-1854 (Toronto, 1835)
    Historic map of the “Military Reserve at Niagara shewing the mode in which it is proposed to let the Ordnance premises now occupied by the establishment.” The map shows a section of the Town of Niagara (Niagara-on-the-Lake) ...
  • Sketch of the Niagara District 

    Benjamin Spicer Stehelin (1840)
    Historic map showing the Niagara District bordered by Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and the United States. North is oriented to the left at Lake Ontario. At the head of the title is: “No.42”. Below the title is an ink stamp ...
  • Sketch of the Niagara Peninsula 

    Unknown author (1843?)
    Historical map showing boundaries, populated places, major roads, rivers, line of 1st Welland Canal, location of indians.Digital reproduction from the map in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library ...
  • Sketch of the Welland Canal, U.C. 

    Unknown, Author (unknown, 1833)
    Map showing the First Welland Canal with proposed side cuts, township boundaries, towns, forts, creeks and rivers.
  • Sketch of the Welland Canal, U.C. 1833 

    unknown (Onondaga Historical Association, 1833)
    Map showing the First Welland Canal with proposed side cuts, township boundaries, towns, forts, creeks and rivers. Includes "Table of Distances"
  • Sketch Shewing part of the Town of Niagara 

    James G. (James Grant) Chewett, 1793-1862. (1839)
    Historic sketch showing a portion of the Town of Niagara (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake). North is oriented to the right. Text above the title reads: “Taken from Land petitions B1 no 92 1842”. The Niagara River is shown ...
  • Sketch showing the situation of Fort Erie and position of forces for the attack by the British 

    J. B. Glegg (1814)
    Historical map of Fort Erie showing the area from Snake Hill past the military Fort Erie and the British lines to the headquarters of Lieutenant General Drummond further north. North is oriented to the bottom and Lake Erie ...
  • Soil survey map of County of Welland, Province of Ontario. 1935 

    Ontario Agricultural College. Dept. of Chemistry (Ontario Agricultural College. Dept. of Chemistry, 1935)
    Map showing road, transportation, cultural, and boundary features, soil classification, legend.
  • Souvenir historical map of the Town of Niagara, Co. Lincoln, Ontario 

    Johnson, B. Frank (Duncan Lithographing, 1894)
    Map showing location of historical events, descriptive notes, streets, lot numbers, boundaries, transportation features, some land owners names.
  • St. Catharines 

    Miles and Company, Toronto. (Toronto : Miles & Co., 1879)
    Historic map of St. Catharines showing the boundaries of the following wards: St. Patrick’s, St. James, St. Thomas’, St. Andrews, St. George’s, and St. Paul’s, from 1879. To the north the map ends at Carlton Street, and ...