The Social Justice Research Institute brings together researchers and students from a wide variety of disciplines to produce socially relevant and community-based scholarship on social justice issues and create connections with community organizations. Through the synergies created by community, activist, and scholarly collaborations, SJRI generates new and distinct, critical, complex, and useful knowledges that enrich the disciplines while also transcending them. Our approach to transdisciplinarity also means embracing the most innovative methodologies, epistemologies, and research practices.SJRI facilitates wide and resonant conversations, within universities and broader publics, about social justice problems and solutions through the production and dissemination of transdisciplinary knowledge in creative, visual, digital, and open-access ways. The social impacts of this initiative are clear and will be felt as academics, activists and social partners collaborate in addressing urgent social problems and open new pathways to social change in Niagara and beyond.

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