Students currently enrolled in certain graduate programs here at Brock University submit an electronic copy of their final major research paper to this repository as part of graduation requirements.

Completing this process requires only a few steps

  • Login using your Brock Portal Account Information
  • Click on the appropriate link under 'Collections in this Community'
  • Click 'Submit a new item to this collection'
  • Fill in enter the required data, and upload your PDF

Once your MRP has been accepted in the Repository you will receive an email confirmation along with a link to your work.

Copyright of Brock Student Theses and Major Research Papers (MRPs)

Students retain the copyright of their theses and major research papers. Under the terms of the “Thesis and Major Research Paper Copyright Licence” students grant Brock University the right to preserve and disseminate theses and major research papers via the Brock University Digital Repository, Library and Archives Canada and in other third party thesis databases.

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