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  • Im/migrant Passages: Crossing Visual, Spatial and Textual Boundaries - Im/migrations : passages visuels, spatiaux et textuels 

    Colella, Carmela; El-Hoss, Tamara; Parayre, Catherine (Small Walker Press, 2020)
    To emigrate is to leave, to immigrate is to arrive and stay, to migrate is to move, often as a result of forced displacement. Most emigrants, immigrants, migrants and/or refugees frequently face difficult, if not heartbreaking ...
  • Episode 3: Tear Down the Monuments! 

    Steer, Linda (2020-09-23)
    This episode takes a look at the history of monuments and examines some of the issues surrounding monuments today. It considers the history of the Robert E Lee monument Richmond Virginia, its signification in relation to ...
  • Foreword Podcast - S1E1 Viking Culture 

    Innes, Alison; McDonald, Andrew; Somerville, Angus (Brock University, Faculty of Humanities, 2020-07-01)
    What image comes to mind when you hear the word Vikings? A violent warrior society, raiding and pillaging? A seafaring people trading and migrating across vast distances of the North Atlantic? Vikings have a hold on the ...
  • Episode 2: Reversing the Gaze 

    Steer, Linda (2020-09-16)
    In this episode we examine contemporary Cree artist Kent Monkman's diptych mistikôsiwak on view now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The monumental paintings were completed in 2019 and are called Welcoming ...
  • Episode 1: Revealing a Portrait 

    Steer, Linda (2020-09-09)
    Episode 1, “Revealing a Portrait”, considers what the canon of art history is and looks to a painting by contemporary African American artist Titus Kaphar to consider what it excludes. It also addresses the notion of ...
  • Navigating babysitting as liminal, gendered, and undervalued work 

    Easterbrook, Riley; Raby, Rebecca; Lehmann, Wolfgang (Sage Journals, 2020-09-14)
    Babysitting is a common early-work experience in the West, yet there is little research on babysitters. From in-depth, qualitative interviews with 16 babysitters, we explore three themes related to liminality and gender ...
  • Home Care Nursing Visits and Same-Day Emergency Department Use: Which Patients Are Most at Risk? 

    Schumacher, Connie; Jones, Aaron; Costa, Andrew P. (Sage Publications, 2020)
    Background Home care patients are a growing group of community-dwelling older adults with complex care needs and high health service use. Adult home care patients are at high risk for emergency department (ED) visits, which ...
  • Vitellogenin expression corresponds with reproductive status and caste in a primitively eusocial bee, Lasioglossum laevissimum 

    Awde, David N; Skandalis, Adonis; Richards, Miriam H (2020)
    Vitellogenin (vg) expression is consistently associated with variation in insect phenotypes, particularly egg-laying. Primitively eusocial species, such as eusocial sweat bees, have behaviourally totipotent castes, in which ...
  • Rethinking the Diegetic-Nondiegetic Distinction in the Film Musical 

    Penner, Nina (University of Illinois Press, 2017)
    This paper exposes problems with the diegetic/nondiegetic distinction as a means of describing film-musical numbers. Tracing the use of these terms from Plato to present-day cinema studies, the author identifies a divergence ...
  • Intentions in Theory and Practice 

    Penner, Nina (Oxford University Press, 2018)
    The ‘intentional fallacy’ and pronouncements of the ‘death of the author’ supported the hermeneutical flights of fancy that characterized the ‘New Musicology’ of the 1980s and early 1990s, but mesh less well with more ...
  • Opera Singing and Fictional Truth 

    Penner, Nina (Wiley Subscription Services, Inc, 2013)
    This paper concerns the ontological status and authorship of the music in opera, refining and expanding the work of Edward T. Cone (1989) and Peter Kivy (1991, 1994). Their proposal that opera characters live in a world ...
  • Variation among 532 genomes unveils the origin and evolutionary history of a global insect herbivore 

    Vasseur, Liette (Nature, 2020-05-08)
    The diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella is a cosmopolitan pest that has evolved resistance to all classes of insecticide, and costs the world economy an estimated US $4-5 billion annually. We analyse patterns of variation ...
  • Strengthening our connection to nature and building citizens of the Earth 

    Vasseur, Liette; Daigle, Christine (UNESCO, 2020-01-28)
    The authors elaborate on the dangers of rampant consumerism and attempt to explain why most humans are disconnected from the realities of our depleting planet and are not taking action to instigate change to ensure a ...
  • Composures 

    Parayre, Catherine (Small Walker Press, 2020)
    A collection of brief contributions on the theme of care by members of the Research Centre in Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Culture at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, in the Centre for Studies ...
  • Against limits: A post-structural theorizing of resistance in leisure 

    Sharpe, Erin K (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)
    In its recognition of oppositional behavior as informed and political, resistance offers us a way to explore the interconnections between leisure and politics in meaningful ways. However, for the concept to have utility ...
  • A Good Place for What? Placing ‘Value’ in Youth Centres 

    Sharpe, Erin K; Lashua, Brett; van Ingen, Cathy (Taylor and Francis, 2019-07-02)
    In this paper, we investigate the discursive context of community-based youth centres to critically interrogate ideas and practices concerning leisure, youth, and youth centres. Using publicly available documents and data ...
  • Risk, nostalgia, and the production of the ideal childhood in online commentary on children’s outdoor play 

    Sharpe, Erin K; Litwiller, Fenton; Gallant, Karen (Taylor and Francis, 2019-11-25)
    We use Foucauldian discourse analysis to examine comments posted online in response to news articles that reported on one Canadian neighbourhood’s ‘ban’ on children’s outdoor play. Our analysis showed that reader comments, ...
  • Activity analysis of thermal imaging videos using a difference imaging approach 

    Tattersall, Glenn J.; Danner, Raymond M.; Chaves, Jaime A.; Levesque, Danielle L. (Elsevier, 2020-05-18)
    Infrared thermal imaging is a passive imaging technique that captures the emitted radiation from an object to estimate surface temperature, often for inference of heat transfer. Infrared thermal imaging offers the potential ...
  • Thermal Imaging and Physiological Analysis of Cold-Climate Caribou-Skin Clothing 

    Hill, Richard W.; Tattersall, Glenn J.; Campbell, Kevin L.; Reinfort, Breanne; Breit, Ana M.; Riewe, Rick R.; Humphries, Murray M. (Arctic Institute of North America, 2019-11-05)
    Protective clothing is essential for human existence in the Arctic, and caribou-skin clothing has played a pivotal role for millennia. Although people with northern experience often extol caribou-skin clothing, few scientific ...
  • Development of homeothermic endothermy is delayed in high-altitude native deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) 

    Robertson, Cayleih E.; Tattersall, Glenn J.; McClelland, Grant B. (The Royal Society Publishing, 2019-06-28)
    Altricial mammals begin to independently thermoregulate during the firstfew weeks of postnatal development. In wild rodent populations, this isalso a time of high mortality (50–95%), making the physiological systemsthat ...

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